HELP with Demolition- who's out there doing this


Can we get some information from those on the ground as far as what to do with homes that need to be demolished. Not entierely but families that need help tearing down parts of their home. Is there a group doing that specifically? 

For example (and I know this is one of many) there is a man and his wife and 3 babies that are homeless. They need a part of their home to be demoed in order for them to be able to go in/ air it out and fix it. I know this is the ongoing problem and there are many but I'm curious if there is a group out there doing this NOW or are we working on soemthing like this? I heard of another case for an elderly man. Any ideas? I'm checking the internet but not gettng any direct answers. 

looking forward to hearing from people. 



Demolishing and re-buidling a water-inundated house in New York City or Long Island may be quite complex.  Please share your findings.

My guess is that there will be significant legal, insurance, and financial constraints to moving quickly.  For those with a lot of money and professional services help, it will probably go faster.  However, the permitting process alone in these circumstances may be quite challenging from what we have observed in prior disasters. Actions like tearing out and replacing dry wall can most likely be done by owners of stand alone homes without permits.

Dear Michael...sometiems we need to promote something  "outside the line'...we have been following...  Well 2012 is OUTSIDE THE know better...but something ...SOMETHING that has LEGAL WEIGHT should be created,,,Can your people wait to everybody agrees...What happens with immigrants...tennats...people as far as I remember were so clear in my dear Declaration of Independance...

               I want to believe your President will make a difference...perhaps this is is one of his times...

               With all my trust


"...n an email to the Reporter, Bishop John Schol said the GNJ fund will focus on four areas of service: seeking “to offer relief from immediate needs as a result of the storm; to repair homes, giving priority to the poor and elderly of our communities; rebuildour communities; and renew people’s lives through much needed pastoral care and counseling.”

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