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More Than 30 States Embrace Grid Modernization, New Policy Tracker Finds


CLICK HERE - 50 States of Grid Modernization (60 page .PDF report)

CLICK HERE - 50 States of Solar (11 page .PDF report)

A new quarterly report from the folks who brought you '50 States of Solar' aims to chronicle grid modernization initiatives across the US - by Herman K. Trabish - May 31, 2017

Grid modernization is a hot topic in the power sector as utilities across the country replace aging infrastructure and upgrade their systems for new energy technologies.

But until now, there was no easily-accessible tool to track the myriad regulatory actions on advanced metering, non-wire alternatives, ratemaking reform and the like.

That’s changed thanks to the North Carolina Clean Energy Technology Center (CETC), a think tank based at North Carolina State University. Already known for its authoritative “50 States of Solar” reports that track state solar policymaking across the U.S., the CETC is lending its expertise to the wider grid with a new “50 States of Grid Modernization,” published for the first time this month.




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