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Wildfires Hit Greenland After Record Temperatures


This satellite photograph depicts the wildfire raging in Greenland, as seen from space last week. - NASA Earth Observatory - August 14, 2017

Police in Greenland warned people to stay away from western areas of the island as wildfires scorched swathes of scrubland . . . 

 . . . Denmark's meteorological service BMI said the island registered its hottest-ever temperature of 24.8 degrees (77 Fahrenheit) on August 10.

Last year was Greenland's hottest on record.

The Danish territory has lost about 4,000 gigatons of ice since 1995, British researchers said in June, making ice melt on the huge island the biggest single contributor to rising sea levels.


PHOTOS: A 'Massive' Wildfire Is Now Blazing In Greenland

NASA - Wildfire Burns in Icy Greenland

NASA - Fire and Ice in Greenland



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Comments - by JoAnna Wendel - August 11, 2017

 . . . Researchers study permafrost because of its potential to thaw and subsequently release carbon—in the form of methane and carbon dioxide—into the atmosphere. Permafrost makes up about 80% of Greenland’s land that’s not perpetually buried under ice . . .

 . . . The fires are stoking worries about the vast island’s thawing permafrost . . .

 . . . the fire indicates significant permafrost degradation “sooner than [scientists] thought it would happen.” Researchers project significant permafrost loss in Greenland by the end of the century. Not 2017 . . .



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